One of the reasons your site might not be coming up in google is the fact that your web pages are not indexed. Search engines only display results from their index of sites.

The more pages you have indexed the better. Webpages get indexed by spiders that crawl already existing indexed webpages. So to get your site found you need to add a link to your site on a webpage that is already indexed. Search engine spiders or web robots look for new links all the time. They are constantly crawling sites looking for new and interesting pages to add to their index.

My pages are indexed, so why isn’t my site coming up in google?

If your pages are indexed then your text is not optimised correctly and you may not have enough inbound links.
Your pages need to be optimised for your chosen keywords. For example, if you want to be found by the keywords ‘personal trainer’ then you need to have a page dedicated to that phrase.

I have optimised text but my site still isn’t coming up in Google.

How many results are listed for your chosen keywords? Look at the competition. Have a look at the sites that do come up for your chosen keywords/phrases. Do the sites have more pages, more content, and more inbound links than your site? To be honest, are they better? If the answer is yes this could be the problem. Google tries to find the most relevant websites for your search. Websites with lots of good content and lots of other sites linking to them will be more relevant to the searcher than your site with just a few pages and little or no links. Remember the more quality links your siteĀ has pointing to it the more google will see the site as trusted so will list it in searches.

So what can you do?

Promote your site. Add interesting content, write articles, and source links. Use online SEO tools to get an overview of what the bots see when crawling your website. If you haven’t the time to maintain and promote your website you need the help of an SEO specialist like myself.

If you want me to look at your website free of charge and explain why your site isn’t coming up in google, please fill out the form on the contact page.