Hi there, my name is Carolyn Clayton and I have been an SEO freelancer since 2008.  I take it you found this page searching for SEO Buckinghamshire or SEO Freelancer Buckinghamshire? That means this page is optimised for the keywords “SEO Buckinghamshire” and similar. Here at Ethical SEO, I help many companies’ websites come up on the front page of Google for their chosen keywords which in turn increases their traffic and sales. Every web owner wants to increase traffic to their website which is why smart website/ business owners are choosing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services.

SEO is a form of digital marketing where a freelancer like myself helps website owners optimize and rank websites.  When using the right search terms to be top of google can be a game changer for businesses.

You could liken SEO to the engine of a car. A car will not go without an engine, and a website will not perform without SEO. SEO is the engine of a website. There is little point in having one without the other. Your car might look nice and shiny and stylish but without the engine, it is useless, the same can be said with a website.  The design and look of a website are pointless without SEO.  Sadly many web designers know nothing about SEO but often portend to understand the principles and advertise this on their websites.  I, however, was taught SEO at university so can optimise websites or develop websites with SEO as an integral part.

“Looking for traffic that gives a higher conversion rate?”

The benefits of being on the front page of Google are huge. 93% of internet users don’t look further than the first two pages of search engine results. Traffic from search engines is the most valuable kind of traffic as it is comprised of qualified visitors actively looking for a product, service information, or solution.

Most companies get sick of paying those expensive Pay-Per-Click bills and are not impressed with the conversion rates. This is why you should try SEO.  Around 80% of internet users click the natural results rather than the sponsored ads anyway and you will find your sales conversions are much higher with organic traffic. With sponsored ads or PPC the minute, you stop your site will be invisible and lost in the millions of pages on the internet. Whereas SEO is an investment in your website/company constantly driving new traffic and building up a reputation as a leading player in that market. You can run an SEO campaign for several months and then stop and your site will not drop.  Also, it need not cost a fortune.  Sometimes just a couple of hours of SEO work a week can be enough to get your website moving up the search engines driving much-needed traffic to your website.

I am based in Shropshire but can help companies out in the Buckinghamshire area and am happy to travel for meetings. If you want an expert SEO freelancer that does what they promise then I should be your first choice. Call me today on 01952 401849.