Website design is one thing, but website design for search engines is another. Most people make the mistake of paying a web design company hundreds of pounds to build a great snazzy website. Then they ask the question “why isn’t my site coming up in the search engines“? Simple, most web design companies don’t build websites for search engines, they build sites that look good and please you the customer. Search engines are text analysis systems so they like websites to be text rich and easy to navigate.

For a website to do well, first and foremost you have to be able to find the site. If you found this site then you know it has been optimised. Then the site has to download fast on any browser or platform. Then the site has to look professional with clear and easy navigation so visitors can find what they are looking for. Then obviously good products and services. (That’s your bit, we can’t sell your products for you, but we can help people find them) With all of the above, you will get visitors and entice them to come back again and again.

Building a professional-looking website to be search engine friendly needs a different set of skills than the average web designer. Search engines love websites that evolve and grow. So even with all of the above, your website will soon become stagnant unless you promote and keep adding to the site so it becomes the best website for your particular subject.

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