“I’d heard many horror stories about SEO agencies, about how much they charge and how little they’ve achieved. So I approached looking for an SEO expert with some trepidation and approached over 10 companies and freelancers. Carolyn stood out immediately as someone who knew what she was talking about – her approach is straightforward and down to earth and she is actually interested in the end result of her work – ie sales. She under promises and over delivers, and the flexibility of her charging an hourly rate has been a godsend for a small business. We’ve been working together now for 3 months and she’s managed to get my site from nowhere onto the first page of Google with our three main keywords. I’m looking forward to seeing similar results as she starts weaving her magic on other important keywords. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.”
First year sales were up 20% on the previous year, and at the end of the second year sales were up 45%.

Sue Aitken – www.boutiqueprovencale.co.uk